Community Trails need community investment and involvement.   

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Monthly Meetings

2nd Monday of the Month
7:00 PM
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330 Rosemary Lane
Olivenhain,  CA 92024 


  • Participating in the design and development of trails to maximize usage.

  • Providing expertise on potential regional trail connections and issues.

Welcome fellow hikers, bikers, strollers, riders!
Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to protecting and developing a community trail system for the residents of Encinitas, California. Encinitas Trails Coalition (ETC) is recognized and respected by local officials as the voice of the community when it comes to our community's trails.
            Encinitas Trails Coalition
                                                     A 501.C3 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

...trails are for everyone

  • Building public awareness of the recreational, educational and cultural values of the trails.

  • Providing a presence and voice in support of trails at all levels of city government.

  • Monitoring the status of existing trail easements and newly designed trails within the city.
  Encinitas Trails Coalition is committed to:
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