Respect the trails
                                      Clean up your litter (pack out what is packed in) and your dog waste; protect the trail environment, e.g. do not remove things that belong on trails or blaze new trails
Become the eyes and ears of the trail system.
Report problems, e.g. washed out bridges or downed trees to the park's maintenance system
Give back to the trails you use
Get involved with the trails maintenance - Volenteer when help is needed
Share the trails
Cyclists yield to all other trail users and hikers yield to equestrians  **   On crowded trails, proceed single file
Slower traffic should keep to the right of the trail; faster users pass on the left
If you choose to wear a headphone set, make sure that the volume neither prevents you from hearing what is happening around you nor disturbs the other trail users   ***   Do not pass on narrow bends
Pass only when you can clearly see the trail and traffic approaching from the opposite direction
When  passing  other  trail  users, provide adequate warning and reduce speed
   Animals on the trail may act unexpectedly
If you are unsure about approaching someone with a horse or dog, ask the handler for guidance
   Tread gently when the trails are muddy
Footprints, bicycle ruts, and hoof prints can damage the trails when they are muddy
    If you come upon an injured rider (horse or bicycle), get help immediately.
      If you come upon a riderless horse
Do not approach the horse if you are uncomfortable with horses - seek professional help.
If you choose to approach the horse, speak softly to let it know you are there - do not chase it. Approach it from the side.

General Guidelines &
Etiquette Tips