• Olivenhain Fire Evacuation Routes (Provided by the Enicinitas Fire Department)- click here

  • San Diego Humane Society - Animal Safety tips - click here

  • General Information: 619-299-7012
    Animal-Related Emergencies and Animal Cruelty: 619-243-3446

  • Ready, Set, Go! Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide - click here

  • What do I do with my horse (cat, dog, child, gerbil) in a Fire, Flood and/or Earthquake? - click here

  • Dear Olivenhain horse/livestock owner,
    Last year (2018) this WhatsApp Chat group for Olivenhain horse and livestock owners was created to communicate with each other in case of an emergency.  Fire, accident, road closure, etc. 

    First, download the WhatsApp app onto your phone. Create an account. Click on the link below to join the group. You can mute the app sound notifications, but please make sure the app is on your home/first screen to see the visual alerts. It will show how many unread messages. Please post on the group and share your name so group members can match your number to your name. Finally, share this email with other Olivenhain large animal owner residents or riders who board in Olivenhain. 

    ‎Open this link to join the WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/4kS2Di7NDw91VSceUHkmZj