Temporary Trail Closure around Dessert rose

Please add this notification I received about the trail closures around dessert rose.


We have finally gotten a plan together to move forward with the sewer project that runs through the trail between our project and Via De Felicita.  On Monday, 8/12, we will be resuming the activities to complete this tie in.  This work is being done in conjunction with a dewatering operation at the tie in point.  It will take approximately two weeks to complete.  I will be posting notices tomorrow indicating that the section of trail will be closed during the construction.  


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Steve Cunningham

Project Manager

Woodbridge Pacific Group



Bob Keeley

Parks and Beach Supervisor

City of Encinitas, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts

505 South Vulcan Ave

760-633-2741(B)  760633-2626 (F)